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Embarking On a Juicing Journey

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In a world filled with fast-paced lifestyles and processed foods, the quest for optimal health has become a priority for many. Join me on my juicing journey as I explore the benefits of behind this wellness venture, the challenges and the benefits reaped over a month’s time.


My decision to start a juicing journey started November 21, 2023, after two appointments that I had with my Orthopedic Surgeons. I still experience symptoms as my activity increases. The knee and my right hip especially. The right knee I had surgery in 2018 to repair my meniscus and of course the spinal fusion surgery. While I still go through physical therapy to help with full recovery, I’ve been walking and working hard to lose the ten pounds that I have to lose to help with the pressure on my joints.

Has it been difficult to achieve this goal? Yes, it has been challenging. Not being able to incorporate cardio like I used to when I know my body reacts well to it, has been challenging. One thing I decided to do starting December 1st, 2023, was to give up meat, chicken and beef, and just eat raw and cooked veggies, smoothies, and watch my sugar intake very closely.

My decision to start juicing was spurred by my desire to revitalize my health and incorporate a more wholesome approach to nutrition. I had to break free from the way I have been used to eating and drinking as I am older, in menopause age, even with a full hysterectomy. My system is reacting to a slower metabolism. I have to adjust to the change by making some changes, and that’s the reality of it.

As I begin this journey on January 7, 2024, I am documenting my experience and I hope this will inspire you to get in and get started JUICING!

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